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Hello there! Yes, you! If you've just joined dA and you've received the notification that I've given you a llama, please don't be creeped out! It's my way of saying "Welcome to deviantART"! I hope you enjoy your time on this website!

And if you're curious as to what my tagline means:…

Kifflom, brother brother!

Welcome, Deviants!

Page music

"Shine a Light" by the C90's (Flight Facilities Remix)~
You won't regret playing this song!

Hello everyone! I prefer if you call me Snowflake, or Snowy/Snow. I'm just a weird Czech-Canadian sixteen-year-old, who loves to meet new people and roleplay ;u;

I've been a part of this website for almost three years now; since February 2011. This is my third account, due to the fact that back then you could not change your username. I was previously known as:
"gallane003" from Feb. 2011 to Oct. 2011
"magicalsnowflake" from Oct. 2011 to Jan. 2012
"EyeOfDistraction"/"TehSnowflake" from Jan. 2012 to present~ (changed username in Nov. 2012)

Age: 16
Sexuality: Pansexual
Status: Taken
From: Toronto, ON, Canada
My favourite things:
TV show: The Amazing Race
Video game: Grand Theft Auto V / Grand Theft Auto Online
Pokemon: Lucario
Genre of Music: Electrohouse (anything electronic, really)
Musician: Yeasayer
YouTuber: Lui Calibre

A few things about me; I love roleplaying, I love sports, I prefer felines over canines, though my main OC, Snowflake, is indeed a canine.

I would love you forever if you left a comment ;w; especially if you love to roleplay; I'm always open to start a new one with you! I promise I don't bite so don't be shy! <3

Life is always nice with friends~

Art by Leofaeg

People I know in real life (Alphabetical order)

(I know this list is longer, if you're missing, please tell me! ;n; )

Special snow bro ^w^
This girl right here
Defines perfection
If you mess with this girl
You're gonna deal with one really angry snowflake uvu

She holds a piece of my heart <3
Gah she's amazing :heart:
She's definitely the most warm-hearted, kind person I've ever met~! <33

He makes my heart melt~ ;~;
I've never felt so amazing talking to anyone else.
Gah I wanna hold him!

Another one that I love~
She's adorable :heart: I love talking to her so much ;w;

List of senpai
I love you senpai~ :heart:

List of kohai
I love you kohai~ :heart:

Other amazing people who I'd save from a burning building (Alphabetical order)


Music box~

My two favourite songs from the GTA V soundtrack~

"Sleepwalking" by The Chain Gang of 1974~

"Don't Come Close" by Yeasayer~

Coincidentally, both of these songs are on the in-game radio station "Radio Mirror Park", also playing all of my other favourite tracks like:
"Sometimes" by Miami Horror~
"Shooting Holes" by Twin Shadow~
"So Many Details" by Toro y Moi~
"Dark Matter" by Feathers~
And many others~

I also listen to electrohouse music. I'll put up a few songs to give you a good sense but you don't have to listen.

"From The Dust" by Rogue~

"Sugar Rush" by PIXL~

"Birthday Cake" by Stephen Walking~

"Act III" by Seven Minutes Dead~

"Nerve" by Favright~

NHL hockey, it's our way of life. <3

Chills every time... :heart:


Yes we're idiots, and yes, it's your fault!


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Get Your Portable ID!

I'm still very much a noob and I don't play many games but I try!
If you have a PSN I would love to be friends with you and add you! <3


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