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Kifflom, brother brother!

wireIess and I~

Snowy | Sixteen | Furry
Pansexual | Taken | Fragile

Pansexual Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes

Hello there, thank you for stopping by. You can just call me Snow or Snowy, or whatever winter-themed name floats your boat. I'm from Toronto, Canada, and even though I take time and care into making my page look nice, I'm no artist, and I'm a little bit of a perfectionist so my gallery will most likely stay empty unless I have a change of heart, which won't probably occur, but I don't know. If you wish to leave a comment, that is fine. By all means, do so. I will respond eventually; I do not tend to respond to anything when my mood is sour.

Current mood: Pretty good. Not perfect but I can talk. c:

Questions I get a lot:

Do you roleplay?
Yes, I roleplay anything and everything, from action to romance to 18+. My favourite things to roleplay are hypnosis/mind control, inflation, and general teasing. I would absolutely love to do one with you, based on whatever you'd like. Just send me a note and we can get started. :heart:

Can we be friends?
Friendships don't start because people ask others, feel free to say hi and see where we go from there! But if you buy me Taco Bell that's automatic friendship right there.

Can you watch me?"
I literally only watch someone I feel very close to. If we're not very good friends then I will not click that watch button. Occasionally I find someone's page and their art just makes me fangirl for countless hours (the only examples being cat-named-fish, sixpathoffriendship and Wooxx) and then I would watch them too because it literally makes my heart melt from the perfection of their art.

Where is your art?
As I said above, I am not an artist. I used to doodle from time to time but now I've ripped up and thrown out my sketchbooks. Every time I pick up a pencil and try to draw I get frustrated and tend to start breaking things due to anger that I can't do it well, and ruin everyone's day. Out of all the things not to ask me, this is the one you should avoid.

Are you a guy or a girl?
I honestly like to have a little fun and keep it hidden :giggle: but I tend to reveal it before it goes too far, I made that mistake once and I can't help but feel like that person doesn't like me very much anymore.

Why do you keep calling me "sweetheart" or "dear"?
I tend to get a little friendly sometimes and call people names like such. If you're not comfortable with being called such then please let me know and I will stop mentioning those names to you.

Chocolate milk, raspberry lemonade, scrambled eggs, electronic music, the Need For Speed series, the Grand Theft Auto series, my PS3 (feel free to add my PSN: TehSnowflake), my laptop, my iPod, and the most amazing friends I have made on this website.

Self-promotion (i.e. "Thanks for the llama! Feel free to watch me!"), self-harm, vegetables, bees/wasps, ignorant/selfish people, and ten-year-old COD players that diss your mom every five seconds for no apparent reason. I do not play COD for this specific reason.


"Yes we're idiots, and yes, it's your fault!"

Friends <3

Art by Leofaeg

:iconwireiess:wireIess is just, very, very sweet. She's super cute and adorable and I fell in love with her very fast. Every time I get her reply I blush and smile because she never stops being just the cutest person I've ever met. :heart:

:icontheenglishskylox:TheEnglishSkylox is my princess. She's one-of-a-kind in the sweetest, most lovable way. I'll always love this wonderful gal. :heart:

:iconsilversparklers:SilverSparklers is my snow bro. Messing with this girl is messing with me. She always knows how to cheer me up in the exact way that I want to hear.

:icons-o-c-k-i-e-s:S-o-c-k-i-e-s is my bby. A day without talking to her is a day without sunshine. She makes me feel amazing every time I talk to her.

:icondown-the-yellow-path:Down-The-Yellow-Path is just a very, very sweet person, one of the sweetest I've met. Always willing to make his friends and other people smile. He always makes me smile. I love him dearly.

:icondisizrhylin:DisIzRhylin is probably the most adorable deviant I've ever met on this site, seriously. Possibly the cutest femboy over the entire internet. :heart:

:iconfrostyfennec:FrostyFennec is my waifu and kohai, so adorable and sweet. Very lovable overall.

:iconcandycone:CandyCone is another sweetheart I know and trust with my life. We don't talk as much as we'd like to but we love each other as very good friends nonetheless.

:iconthenashnetwork:TheNashNetwork is a pretty cool musician and overall sweetheart! I love roleplaying with him too, he's very creative!

:iconfreyjameili:FreyjaMeili is so much fun to talk to! I love him very much and he knows how to make people smile! Keep being amazing, Justin!

:iconrei-howaitorozu:Rei-Howaitorozu is a cutie very sweet and understanding. She knows how to lift people's spirits very well! she's so cuuuuuute hnnngggg

:iconwild-lovell:Wild-Lovell, :iconleofaeg:Leofaeg, and :iconstereorocker:StereoRocker are my GTA buddies and good friends, but I hope to become very close friends with them in the future!

Other people I hold dear that I don't quite have specific words for:

Which country are you from?

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You may thank me for things such as favourites, comments, llamas, or watches.
You may say hello if you wish to talk to me, I do not mind.
You may NOT advertise yourself such as "Can you watch me?" or "Please tell me what you think about this please!"
You may NOT ask me for points! I do with them as I please.

Failure to comply to these simple rules and negative things will happen; it varies depending on my mood.


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